2017 Tool Library Extension.

Due to the need for more space at the tool library through the spring/Summer we built a free standing shed adjecent to the existing tool library shed. This will house the library check-in/out desk, small consumables and a battery charging table - the pictures are from the open house held in Sept 2017 to celebrate the new addition. 

The PVMSS members were able to build this shed with the support of donations to covering the material costs, many thanks to:

  • The Pemberton Music Festival Community Fund.
  • Village of Pemberton

We plan to protect the breezeway space with awnings that will enable the space to be weather protected for activities such as workshops. Funding is in place for this thanks also to grants from Squamish Savings.​​

2017 Has been a year of initiatives to try to get to know our 1st nations neighbours a little better:

  • We had applied for funding to hold workshops for 1st Nations women to build useful household items and learn some basic wood working skills in the process. This initative was sparked by the great relationship the music guys have developed in the community. Unfortunately funding was not granted, but we are hoping for 2018.
  • In June PVMSS members were hosted at a National Aboriginal Day celebration at Tipella village 82km down the Lilloette River. We visited their Agri-Food sites and chatted with the participants in a entrepreual education program that was been showcased at the event. We have made some good contacts through this exercise and plan to be following up on ways to support their endeavours.
  • In September we were invited to join a celebration  in N'Quaqua (D'Arcy) hosted by their mens group. They have built two beautiful hunting cabins that have been deployed at two sites in the forest. The visit was to view the cabins and enjoy a BBq they hosted. We plan to follow up with donating some surplus hand tools from the library for the cabins, and attending one of their weekly meetings. in the near future.

PVMSS members collaborated to build a notice board for the Pemberton Canoe Association. The Board now adorns the boathouse at One Mile Lake.

Upcoming Projects & Events

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Weekly participation at the Friday afternoon Pemberton Farmer's Market.

The Men's Shed currently convenes informally on Wednesdays for a BYO lunch, 11:30 am chat, cribbage, music, as well as informal meetings to plan for local community projects.  At the "Rec" Youth/Senior building just behind the main community centre building on Cottonwood.

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For Canada Day 2017 we changed-up the kids "hammer-in" to make butterfly boxes, 70 box kits were given out and hammered together by the kids. Thanks to Recreation center for sponsoring this event and to Squamish Home Depot for their support in the material cost.